It has been quite some time now that I have wanted to make Parisian Macarons and today I successfully achieved that goal. I made traditional almond macarons with my mother. I did make some substitutions, though I would not consider them unwise. Specifically, I ground almond slivers for my almond flour and ground my normal white sugar for super fine sugar.
 All in all it turned out splendidly, my macarons rose, had feet and a very small number cracked a bit. I filled them with a chocolate ganache, both random recipes from Martha Stewart which can be found here and here. Oh yes for the ganache I deviated in the order of things as I melted the chocolate a bit prior and may have used whip cream but all's well that ends well. So I highly recommend this recipe. As for the rest of my day I spent almost the entirety of it in the kitchen preparing for Christmas and the days following with my mother.

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