Clean up

Just prior to new years I have decided it is time to clean up my room at home. It's not a resolution, just a job to be done and a big one at that. Let me explain to you something that perhaps I left out, I'm a bit of a pack rat. There I said it. I mostly attribute that to being an art student and never knowing what you might need or when. Thus results in the hording of the most odd items (I won't go in to detail). But beyond the potential art supplies, I like knick knacks and cute things and anything with a pleasant memory attached or that I might have picked up at a yard sale with my mother. To top it off I have a difficult time getting rid of things either for sentimental reason or the fact that at some point there may be a use for whatever item. I won't subject you to the horror that is my closet but rather show you a collage that has been on my wall since high school, and yes indeed my walls are bright pink and florescent green. You're jealous don't deny it. 

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