As you know yesterday was Abed and my Christmas, it was very cute and full of sweet gifts for both him and I. You can see mine above: egg tarts, a adorable mug, a soft watch, comfy leggings, charcoal pencils and a small canvas. I apologize for the crappy photo but what can I say I'm a bit lazy at this current moment, clearly since I neglected to photograph Abed's gifts. As an aside I think you can tell if someone is a good gift giver by a number of different methods. The two I go by are whether they can pick out something that is your style (check) and or give you something that you didn't even know that you needed or wanted (check). On a similar note I may have purchased some boots for myself for Christmas, from my lovely mother. I am unable to wear them yet as they must first be wrapped and given to me but I'm very excited and can't wait until then to show them to you. So I present to you my cowboy boots! Yes I went a bit of a different direction but if you trace my steps back to the original five million dollar boots they did have a cowboy inspiration. 

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