Hello...Good Morning

Merry Christmas! I cannot quite believe that today is Christmas but alas the presents and stockings were out this morning so it must be true. The usual Christmas routine has been shuffled around a bit this year with people getting older and babies existing. It's not a bad thing, just an adjustment. The usual Christmas morning would feature me trying desperately to sleep until 6 am, waking jenny up then us proceeding to getting our stockings and watch the original Grinch cartoon in the basement. Then we would visit mom and eat the cinnamon roll Christmas tree and fruit tray/make a little noise so the rest of the family would get up so we could open gifts which generally takes until around 9 am. In my house we have equal number of gifts and we open them one at a time guessing and joking and having fun. So this year we will postponing the festivities until Jenny's arrival with Aaron and Rosalyn, oh and I slept in, way in. I may have woken up at 4, 6, 7, 8 each time going back to sleep and then finally deciding it was time to get up.

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