Mmm...Pie...and Sugar Cookies?

So today saw two kinds of delicious baked goods come to life. Firstly a delicious apple pie from Dessert Lady in Yorkville which Abood and I devoured prior to dinner. We both concluded that it had an amazing crust. This is odd because generally neither one of us likes pie crust but no not this, this was buttery, fluffy wonder that melts in your mouth. To summarize it was amazing. Beneath the magic crust was some fairly delicious apples, I'm quite partial to cinnamon with my apple pie and they were a bit scant with it. None the less it was a treat and one I would pick up again. If you interested in picking up said pie or other delicious baked goods here in the website for more info: Dessert Lady.

Now you might think that having pie would mean that I was done for baked goods for the day but oh you'd be wrong. I am going to partially blame this on the box cupcakes, now let me explain. The box cupcakes called for egg whites, and since I was making them with Abed he actually followed the instructions. I'm entirely certain without him there I would have looked at the diagram of three eggs and follow suit. But no I did not put three whole eggs in and as such I was left with three egg yolks. You see where I'm going here don't you. So to not be wasteful I made cookies because I mean come on what else can you do with egg yolks? Ok lots of things but still. I stole the sugar cookie recipe from Food.com. I followed the directions to a certain degree, they were guidelines if you will. I left some things out put some things in like salt because I've been told all cookies require a pinch. Either way they turned out alright. A little gigantic in the spreading but delightful none the less.

As a random aside I once read this gigantic list of things that rookie bakers and cooks do. It was a nice article full with pictures and funny comments.Until I was confronted with "You make unwise substitutions in baking." Those words...so true...yet I can't not. I bake with what I have and my mother has always been very cavalier about her baking and it's always delicious. So it tells me to use cream of tartar, I don't have it/ So it tells me to use some heavy cream, whipping cream works too it's just lower fat or this is how it works in my head. Maybe one day I will become a stickler for recipes but that day is not coming very soon at this rate.

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