The evening prior

 So last night went a bit differently than expected...ok that's a lie it went exactly as I anticipated. It was full of reminiscing, oh so much reminiscing and drinking and discussing the intimate details of everyone's life. Simply put, catching up. It was wonderful but what it was not was full with pictures. 
Chris' apartment is beautiful but not the brightest space and I decided chatting was probably a better idea than photographing or at least that is my excuse. After a few hours Rebecca, Sarah and myself decided to head home and at this point in time I snapped four photographs. Two are blurry I'm going to blame the poor lighting not the alcohol because that's what Jamie Foxx tells me to do and I'm not so trusting of that. And the other two well, here they are for you.
Rebecca and her impressive hat and the floor with my feet and crackers as a result of Chris/ I was just an innocent bystander I swear. Man those photos don't go together at all. As a note I made Rebecca stand by the washroom so there was enough light.

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