So I've been struggling to find attractive and reasonably priced boots all season. Either they are $5oo Anthropologie boots which I fell madly in love with and yet will never own. Or their awkward pirate boots with the small wedge heel business which I'm not fond of. I want something funky, cowboy-esk, leather, bellow the knee, not super tight, preferably pull on vs zipper. Yes I know I may have just described the Anthropologie boots but it's not my fault they're beautiful. If you don't believe me have a look for yourself. 

As a side note I've found an okay boot, substantially less expensive though less beautiful as well from Nordstrom. But I need some opinions here, black or taupe? Now this is a slightly silly question but the two have such a different feel. Black is all sleek and sophisticated where as brown is a little bit more causal and funky. If only I had money to spare oh the beautiful boots I would own. But till that day I need your assistance.

Or should I just ask all my entire family to buy me one big Christmas present of the beautiful boots..... 

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