I know I've been bad. Missed a day and left you with a crappy one liner. But I'm trying my best here. So work was good, slow first day but not bad. Today picked up a bit, started getting more work on my plate, getting to know my supervisor pretty well. All in all I'm glad at where I am and where the position is going. Beyond work I've been so unbelievably happy to have Abed back and have been spending all of my time with him. We got out on Sunday to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

 I can't say I enjoyed it, but it was interesting and intriguing. I unlike most have not read the book, I was told it was rather dark and sadistic which I can manage say in the form of a movie which is a brief period of time but reading it and creating it in my mind is much different. Some parts left me feeling a little bit sick, alright one part in particular but performances were ballin'. Fell in love with Elizabeth Salander (Mara Rooney) instantly, loved her character and look and I'm feeling a Halloween costume coming on. I don't know if I would recommend it, it would depend on the person as I don't suspect everyone will enjoy it but hey I could be wrong. I also would say I'll never watch it again or at least some parts, I don't know my mind is muddled up on the matter. It also makes me miss short hair, shhh don't tell Abed.

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