The Descendants Review
Today Abed and I went out for a movie date as tomorrow I don't have to get up early meaning I can attend the now late for me 9:45 showing. As you can clearly see above we saw The Descendants. It was a good movie. There was quality acting from all parties, young and old. It was quite sad. Made bearable by the older daughters friend who adds the majority of the light hearted elements. It made me quite aware that my movie taste is shifting, I'm wanting to steer further from those hyper realistic movies about everyday occurrences that trouble me, such as death. In addition those movies focusing on the darkness of humanity with no fantasy element such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But clearly I haven't actually been following such ideas since I saw both of these movies. Man I don't know where to go with this review, well the movie is about a family and their struggle with their mother who is in a coma from a motor boat accident and surrounding events and histories. If I tell you any more I sort of take something away from your potential viewing. So go watch, then we can discuss. 

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