Cake Pops

 So I know I've been bad you don't have to mention it. But look cake pops! Ok I know they are not on a stick or dipped in some form of icing or chocolate but they are on their way.

 Basically I got this cold a few days ago and it felt the need to peak on my weekend which I now am forced to savor as I am working 9 to 5. Without getting paid. Yes I'm still bitter. So I've been bumming around all day whining and what not when Abed forced me or rather us to do something which turned into baking. I got this awesome cake pop maker from my lovely sister and haven't had a chance to use it until now. We made banana cake pops as we had a bunch of bananas going rather over ripe. The whole experience was rather positive. Yes some are a bit dark, as a note the bottoms are supposed to be darker and I will contribute the rest to the banana nature of the cake or bread or whatever merger of the two it is. Recipe here .

 As a note I much prefer these cake pops to the ones you have to crumble a cake add icing and form into a ball. That isn't to say that I don't love an excuse to add icing to things but this just feels better to me. I'll update you with decorations tomorrow friends.

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