Today I bought pants, something I haven't done for years. I'm not exaggerating in that statement. The pants I wear to my internship are from my sister and my mother.  The jeans I wear are from first year university or once again my sister's cast offs. And now I tell you a dark secret. I'm a lover of leggings. I am not quite certain what size I would like to be in the future and as such tights allow me to be however and I made the decision not to purchase pants until I knew. And now you must be really confused why there is a picture of Tilda Swinton and I'm talking about pants, ok let me move on. I also saw We Need to Talk About Kevin this evening besides purchasing two pairs of pants from the Gap for $34. Man that is a thought provoking movie, I may have read some reviews and plot summaries prior because I have been doing that lately, but none the less it was quite good. And I still dislike John C. Reilly even though he also does an acceptable job, but Tilda steals it, along with the Kevin's at various ages.

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